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We are an advertising and branding agency, with offices in London and New York. We believe that the most effective communications are achieved by having a more collaborative and informed approach.
We call this Connected Creativity™.
Our diverse mix of creative and strategic talent has been brought together from the worlds of Advertising, Branding, Broadcast TV, Publishing, Design, Music and Digital to name a few. This means within Addiction Worldwide we have strategists, creatives, writers, directors, producers, editors, designers, animators, coders, artists and culture specialists all working together to achieve far richer and more engaging results.
We understand that today’s business challenges need to be tackled with the widest possible application of creativity. Connected Creativity™ combines our multi-disciplined approach and unique methodology to enable us to look at brands from all angles, delivering truly exciting work in the most efficient way for all our clients.



The Medium is Not The Message

Not long ago, there was a clear distinction between online and offline retailers. Online sites like Amazon were considered the inevitable next stage in the evolution of holiday shopping—if only because they promised a way to buy stress-free, without the insane crowds and the seasonal crush. 

Now past assumptions about the future of retail seem simplistic. Consumers want both mediums, and the smart retail brands have already interconnected their online and offline offerings. Major superstores have expanded their presence beyond just the physical store. The results are evidenced in data from a recent press release via Comscore.

Most Visited Online Retails Sites on Black Friday via Comscore

Walmart, Best Buy and Target - companies that built their brands on their retail presence - are now leaders in the online holiday shopping market. 

This is a teaching moment for companies that define themselves as mobile or social. It’s not the Consumer who’s stuck in the mindset that a brand has to live in a particular medium. Buyers don’t silo brands to a medium. Businesses do. 

Ely Rosenstock - Director of Social Media